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KerusCloud is a uniquely powerful software tool that simulates thousands of realistic clinical scenarios at a time, so every variable aspect of a study’s design can be fully optimised in silico. Spending a couple of minutes with the Sim survey will help us determine if you’re currently getting the most out of your current approach to trial design and whether KerusCloud may be a good choice for your organisation.

Do you use study simulation to optimise the design of your clinical studies?

How often do you use simulation to support study design optimisation?

What type of studies do you design using simulation?

Which type of simulation tools do you use?

If you create bespoke simulation code, how transferrable is this across projects?

Are there times when the tools you use do not do what you need them to?

What are their limitations?

Do you encounter difficulties searching the literature and historical data to provide a basis for your study assumptions?

Can you tell us more about the specific difficulties you are having?

Are you under time pressure to generate results according to protocol-approval timescales?

Do you experience limitations in simulation size due to available computational resource?

Within your organisation, what is the level of skill and expertise for simulation?

Within your organisation, do you have difficulties in sharing knowledge and code between research groups across your clinical trial portfolio to avoid duplication?

Do you have a structured process to feed clinical insights gained during a real study back into your study planning and design process?

Which additional software features could augment your current clinical trial planning process?

Have you previously considered using simulation to support study planning and design?

What barriers have prevented you from using it?

Do you feel you are aware of the benefits of study simulation in clinical trial design?

Would you be interested in receiving further information on the impact of study simulation on clinical trial planning and design?

Do you have in-house statistics support?

Would your in-house statistics group benefit from simulation software to augment their clinical study planning and design capability?

Would you be interested in accessing simulation software on a consultancy basis with wraparound statistics support?

KerusCloud may significantly improve your trial design and planning capabilities. Would you be interested in a free demo?

KerusCloud may significantly improve your trial design and planning capabilities. Would you be interested in a free evaluation copy?




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