We support decisions by pooling evidence from multiple sources

The ability to make the right decision relies on quality information. We collate and synthesise data from a range of sources such as the scientific literature, clinical trial data and real-world data sources. These sources are combined to generate a consensus view for evidence-based decision-making.

We identify the right development plan by evaluating the performance of alternative development options

Development pathways can be constructed using our in-house simulation software KerusCloud. By running large numbers of study simulations, we can compare the performance of all options quickly and adjust development plans accordingly.

We assess the impact and utility of new technologies before you make investment decisions

Clinical development is awash with new problem-solving technological solutions. We can cut through the hype by evaluating the utility of these technologies in a realistic clinical setting.

With KerusCloud, we can measure the impact of new technologies in silico before any costly investment.

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