We work with you to deliver a comprehensive Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP)

The SAP describes the planned statistical analysis strategy of a clinical study, ensuring the data it generates is presented in the right context. 

We can develop the content for all sections of the SAP, ensuring that there is clear alignment between the study objectives and the outputs.

Using synthetic data from our KerusCloud software platform, we can produce realistic outputs that demonstrate how the actual clinical data will be presented.

We conduct the statistical analysis and reporting of clinical data

We support all aspects of the analysis including the implementation of data standards (e.g. CDISC), participant disposition, patient populations, descriptive statistics, association analyses, interim and final analyses, safety analyses, methods for handling bias and missing data.

We can produce all the tables, figures and listings and statistical report quickly and efficiently with the help of our extensive library of validated algorithms.

We develop and apply alternative analysis approaches

We can add further context and more information from clinical data through our extensive expertise in emerging technologies and statistical methods including data visualisation and exploration, Bayesian inference models, multivariate statistics, machine learning,  subgroup analyses, meta-analyses, precision medicine research, wearable devices and real-world data.

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