Your biostatistics partner in development
Our story

Founded in 2009, Exploristics has been delivering innovative analytics solutions to the life sciences sector for over ten years. With in-depth experience of the challenges of life science research, we offer innovation and a fresh perspective to biostatistics support for clinical development.

Our experience

With extensive experience supporting the development of medicines and medical technologies, we have keen insight into the best statistical approaches for understanding and exploiting clinical data. We offer a creative, customer-focused culture supported by standards and processes that ensure quality whilst enabling innovation. This combination makes us the ideal partner for the provision of knowledge-based, flexible and innovative study design and data analysis capabilities for life sciences.

Our value

Emerging opportunities to integrate real-world data sources throughout the development process means that statistical considerations should be placed at the heart of every clinical study. We add value to development programmes by getting involved at the earliest planning stages to ensure that projects are driven by evidence-based decision-making from inception to completion. We believe that clinical studies are more insightful, successful and efficient at delivering new medical interventions to those in need when designed with sound statistics at their core.