Harness our expertise

We can lay the statistical foundation to your clinical development programme.
Smoothing the development path through core or augmented services

Successful regulatory approvals are built on strong evidence-based decision-making at key points along the development path.

With wide-ranging experience across therapeutic areas for every stage of the development process, we offer statistics and programming support for all types of clinical development programme. We can either augment in-house statistics teams or provide full biostatistics services to smooth the path to regulatory approval.

Transforming the application of Precision Medicine

We are a global leader in leading-edge statistical and computational methods to expedite Precision Medicine (Stratified Medicine) approaches, supporting biomarker discovery and validation, companion diagnostics development and the integration of biomarkers into development programmes.

With KerusCloud, we accelerate Precision Medicine and biomarker enrichment studies with state-of-the art simulation for comprehensive study optimisation and multiple subgroup identification and treatment selection.

Harness our expertise
Integrating real-world data into development programmes

We can exploit real-world data (RWD) sources to deliver clinical insight throughout development programmes, harnessing real-world evidence (RWE) to drive better healthcare decision-making.

Our statisticians provide support for developers seeking to integrate real-world data into their clinical studies, helping to source real-world data and offering key expertise in the project planning, data preparation and analysis and reporting process required for effective real-world data analysis.