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Exploristics is proud to offer dynamic and innovative analytics solutions to the global pharmaceutical, diagnostics and medical device markets. If you are skilled in statistics, programming or software engineering as well as passionate and motivated to accelerate the development of new medicines we’d love to hear from you.

What our staff said (September 2019)

Results of a recent staff survey (76% response rate) indicated that employees believe Exploristics provides an intellectually stimulating environment that promotes great teamwork and an open work culture. Its supportive leadership team that is committed to employee development and actively promotes equality, diversity and inclusion.

Exciting work and challenge

Q   My job offers plenty of intellectual challenges to use my skills and ability. (100% agreed)

Working with great people

Q   My colleagues co-operate to get the job done and generally there is a ‘can-do’ attitude in our Team. (100% agreed)

Q   There is an open culture across my Team and I feel comfortable about speaking my mind to members of my Team. (100% agreed)

Supportive management which recognises, values and respects me

Q   My line manager provides me with support when needed. (100% agreed)

Q   My line manager provides constructive and supportive feedback to help me develop. (100% agreed)

Q   My line manager recognises and appreciates good performance. (100% agreed)

Great work environment and culture

Q   I believe Exploristics promotes equality and diversity. (100% agreed)

Equality and Diversity

Q I believe Exploristics promotes equality and diversity. (100% agreed)

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