Exploristics Joins UKRI Strength in Places

Exploristics Joins UKRI Strength in Places

Exploristics Joins UKRI Strength in Places 260 200 Exploristics

Exploristics joins the Northern Ireland Precision Biomarkers and Therapeutics Consortium (NIPBT) alongside other industry leaders and Queens University Belfast as part of the UKRI Strength In Places initiative (SIP). This initiative aims to enhance the collaboration of industry and academia across the country within the health and life sciences sector. It supports 17 consortia projects across the UK funded by UKRI to build on the country’s existing strengths in digital health, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals.

Exploristics and UKRI

With the support of Innovate UK, part of UKRI, Exploristics has developed KerusCloud, a software platform for reducing the risks, costs and duration of clinical development programmes.  KerusCloud is a uniquely powerful and innovative study simulation software platform that ensures clinical studies are suitably designed statistically from the outset to maximise their chances of success.

We have already shown that this approach has a dramatic impact on development programmes.  These include:

  • Increased the probability of success for a development programme by almost three-fold
  • Increased the probability of success for a precision medicine study by 41%
  • Reduced the development time by 5 years, saving US$20M on a single study.

Building the Northern Irish Life Sciences sector through Strength in Places

As part of the SIP initiative, Exploristics aims to build a knowledge base on the key challenges for developing drugs and diagnostics within specific indications.  These challenges include operational (ability to recruit patients), scientific (study design and hypothesis), clinical (endpoints and effects of treatment).  With this knowledge base, we will be able to use KerusCloud to identify development strategies what will overcome the challenges and therefore optimise the chance of success for any asset being developed within the NIPBT consortium.  We will be collaborating with partners in industry and academia to build a growing knowledge repository that will support the de-risking of clinical development projects, reducing avoidable clinical trial failure to accelerate access to new treatment interventions to address real unmet medical need.

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