Exploristics signs collaboration agreement with Istesso

Exploristics signs collaboration agreement with Istesso

Exploristics signs collaboration agreement with Istesso 260 200 Exploristics

Exploristics signs collaboration agreement with Istesso to embed study simulation into clinical development with innovative software platform KerusCloud

Exploristics is pleased to announce today a collaboration with Istesso using Exploristics’ innovative new software platform KerusCloud to establish a more efficient data-driven approach to study design and protocol development within Istesso’s clinical development programs. The project will use the KerusCloud platform to reduce the risks, costs and duration of clinical development programs.

CEO, Aiden Flynn, said “We are delighted that Istesso have chosen to work with us as they have a keen awareness of the benefits of adopting new technologies early to keep their clinical development programs at the cutting edge. With KerusCloud simulation software and wraparound services, Istesso will be well-placed to exploit the unique data-driven insights these can deliver.
Lisa Patel, CSO at Istesso, said “The Kerus platform uses real world evidence and historic data to enable exploration of trial endpoints and routes. We are looking forward to seeing the impact of the approach on expediting development of our lead asset and pipeline projects.”

About KerusCloud

KerusCloud is a uniquely powerful study simulation software platform that ensures clinical studies are suitably designed statistically from the outset to maximise their chances of success. To do this, KerusCloud creates highly realistic synthetic data sets (virtual populations) which are then used as a basis for generating thousands of study simulations that accurately mimic the complexity of real clinical studies. This allows researchers evaluate the performance of a wide variety of study design and analysis options comprehensively in silico, in minutes and choose the best options for real studies, first time. For more information about KerusCloud.

About Exploristics

Exploristics is an enabling technology company that transforms clinical development for life science organisations with unique proprietary software and biostatistics services for planning, designing and analysing clinical studies. For more information about Exploristics

About Istesso

Istesso is a drug discovery and development company working in the field of immunometabolism. Their products work by reprogramming cellular metabolism and have applications in autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis, as well as cancer. The Istesso team has extensive expertise in drug discovery and development gained from working in large pharma and biotech, combined with deep scientific expertise in autoimmunity and inflammation.. For more information on Istesso

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