IDEA Pharma and Exploristics announce strategic partnership to enhance path-to-market strategies for Biopharma.

IDEA Pharma and Exploristics announce strategic partnership to enhance path-to-market strategies for Biopharma.

IDEA Pharma and Exploristics announce strategic partnership to enhance path-to-market strategies for Biopharma. 260 200 Exploristics

IDEA Pharma, a pioneering biopharmaceutical strategy consultancy, and Exploristics are delighted to announce a strategic partnership. The collaboration will integrate state-of-the-art analytics and advanced simulation methodologies into the strategic decision-making process of biopharmaceutical development.


Through the partnership, biopharma clients can access Exploristics’ expertise in predictive analytics and simulation technology, including use of their flagship simulation-guided trial design software, KerusCloud. This ground-breaking platform provides enhanced predictive insights and optimised designs for clinical studies across the development lifecycle to increase their probability of success. Suitable for optimising the design of studies in any therapeutic area, including Respiratory, Oncology, Cardiovascular, Rare and Infectious Diseases, its use increases the efficiency of clinical trials to reduce the timelines, costs and patient burden involved in bringing new therapies to market.

Aiden Flynn, CEO and Founder of Exploristics added, “We are excited to bring the proven strength of our analytics and simulation platforms and their potential to transform the drug development process to more biopharmaceutical companies. Together, we will set new standards in clinical trial design and execution, ultimately improving patient outcomes, and accelerating the delivery of innovative treatments.”


Jacqueline Barendregt, COO of IDEA Pharma, expressed how this partnership further enhances IDEA Pharma’s unique strategic offering, stating, “This collaboration with Exploristics represents a significant step forward in our mission to position the most promising new therapies for clinical and commercial success. By integrating Exploristics’ advanced analytics capabilities into our path-to-market strategy development, we can offer our clients unparalleled insights that drive smarter, faster and more efficient decion-making.”


The partnership is expected to start with several collaborative eprojects focusing on optimizing clinical trial designs and strategic asset and portfolio decision-making for upcoming drug development programmes, which are critical in meeting the needs of today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.


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Jacqueline Barendregt

IDEA Pharma

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About Exploristics

Exploristics is a world-leading technology-enabled services company that transforms clinical development for life science organisations with unique proprietary software and biostatistics consultancy supporting the planning, design, and analysis of clinical studies. For more information about Exploristics, please visit or follow us on LinkedIn or X.

About KerusCloud

KerusCloud is a revolutionary simulation-guided study design tool that ensures clinical trials are designed effectively to collect the right data, in the right patients, in the right way. Its use supports evidence base-design decisions to extensively de-risk real clinical studies, reducing development time costs and patient burden.

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