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Time-consuming and expensive, clinical trials should be well-designed from the start to deliver robust clinical evidence. Good study design integrates sound statistics, early. The earlier statistical considerations are integrated into the design process the more informative a study can be.

KerusCloud uses Monte Carlo simulations to deliver key insights to support planning, evaluating multiple design and analysis options in silico so the best approach can be chosen for real trials. Significantly reducing development timelines, risks and costs, these benefits are maximised when KerusCloud is used at the earliest stages of clinical trial design.

Cloud-based, KerusCloud uses the power of cloud computing to deliver complex study simulations in minutes. There is no need for expensive computing infrastructure, making simulation a realistic option for clinical development projects of any size.

Augmenting in-house statistics teams or providing complete biostatistics support, KerusCloud brings state-of-the-art study simulation within reach of any developer without the need for time-consuming development and testing of code and algorithms.

We’ve just launched a major product update – learn more about KerusCloud2 here.

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