Are you looking for the ability to run clinical trial simulations quickly, at a reasonable cost and with the ability to draw on statistical expertise? KerusCloud is the solution. 

Clinical trial simulations are recommended as best practice at every stage of clinical development, optimising costs and time to market and reducing risk.

However, until now there have been barriers to its wider adoption – the excessive costs of purchasing simulation software, the need for additional significant computing infrastructure, the long implementation timescales and lack of statistical simulation skills.

Until now simulation has been the luxury of the few. KerusCloud changes this.

Exploristics’ KerusCloud removes any barriers to accessing clinical trial simulation, delivering cost-effective simulation software with extensive functionality. Harnessing the inexpensive, on-demand computing power of the cloud combined with our hot house implementation strategy, simulation is now a realistic option for clinical development from the outset – irrespective of the size of the project.

Without simulation, the risk of study failure or success remains largely unquantified. Don’t go blindly into a study, risking money, time and resources.  KerusCloud transforms the study planning process with rapid optimisation in silico of study parameters to support the design of complex clinical research trials.

Now, by combining KerusCloud with our rapid Hot House Simulation services, you have a low cost low risk, rapid way to optimise your study development path, reducing risk while optimising cost and time to completion.



With KerusCloud you can:

Key Functionality

KerusCloud has been designed with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. The user is led step-by-step through the process of defining critical factors affecting the study.

KerusCloud is optimised for:

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