Accelerate development, reducing risks and costs, by optimising clinical studies with KerusCloud.

This uniquely powerful software simulates thousands of realistic clinical scenarios at a time, so every variable aspect of a study’s design can be fully optimised in silico.

Fast and cost-effective, KerusCloud ensures that only the best design is used for a real trial. 

With KerusCloud multiple key aspects of a clinical study can be optimised rapidly including:

  • Target population
  • Study Design
  • Endpoints
  • Analysis Strategy
  • Success Criteria

KerusCloud addresses current development issues such as:

  • Selecting the best development strategy
  • Choosing between standard or complex innovative design trials such as adaptive platform trials (APTs), seamless studies, basket trials and umbrella trials
  • Improving study success rates
  • Identifying the best endpoint and patient subgroups
  • Generating robust evidence packages for drug approval
  • Supporting investment decisions
  • Implementing Precision Medicine strategies
  • Anonymising real-world data by generating realistic synthetic data

Optimising study design and analysis options with KerusCloud:

  • Accelerates development by identifying the right development path, first time
  • Increases real study success rates by 40%
  • Generates more evidence for the same costs
  • De-risks investment through rapid evaluation and testing of assumptions
  • Adds value to current drug pipelines and existing data

For the best shot at success. Choose KerusCloud.

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