We have now launched the latest version of our unique Kerus software platform, KerusCloud2.

KerusCloud2 offers:

  • An enriched functionality for the definition of sub-populations with different data characteristics. This allows the generation of even more realistic virtual patient populations, facilitating the evaluation and implementation of novel designs, including precision medicine studies.

  • An enhanced user-experience with simpler process flows and an easy to follow modern interface, allowing users to get up to speed quickly with an intuitive point and click system. Users can rapidly build, evaluate and manage large numbers of scenarios in minutes.

  • Interactive graphics to explore results easily and more extensively. Efficient visualisation, interpretation and extraction of key results allows users to sift through high-dimensional data to identify the important features. Impress your colleagues by sharing unique and valuable insights with an array of graphical displays.

  • Increased processing power with up to 96 parallel cores for a single simulation. Take advantage of the intelligent process management system which boosts processing power as needed. Run even the most complex simulations in minutes and review the results in real-time.

  • New ability to share projects across organisations. Improved collaboration amongst project team members. Allow team members to review and provide feedback throughout the design process, taking advantage of multidisciplinary knowledge. Provide regular updates for additional transparency on progress.

  • Best in class security with unparalleled cloud security measures and multi-factor authentication. Maintain complete control over access rights, sharing only what you want to share.

Get ahead of the curve. Choose KerusCloud2 to redefine your trial planning.

KC2: Features and Benefits


KC2: Enabling Statisticians


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