“We were extremely pleased with the results of the work. Until Exploristics became involved we were struggling to come to conclusions about the utility of the biomarkers being evaluated. The results with Kerus provided our team with a solid understanding of the data allowing clear conclusions to be drawn.”

Senior Scientific Director, Respiratory TAU, GSK

“The Kerus simulation tool is very powerful! The simulations for our pivotal trials showed us a suitable and straight forward path to reach marketing approval with a smaller number of patients and quicker compared to our original plans. Discussions with statistic experts from CROs, investigators and key opinion leaders confirmed the approach.”

CEO, Small Biotech, Germany

“The simulations were beautiful. They exploited the full potential of a historical data set to inform the design of our study. Options were ruled in or out and critical elements identified. This allowed us to simplify, enhance and de-risk the study design.”

Chief Medical Officer, Small Biotech, UK

“Adaptive Pathways integration of staged approvals with real world evidence poses many issues regarding patient safety, patient access, developer incentives and payer affordability. The Exploristics team worked seamlessly with a joint MIT and IMI ADAP-SMART team to create a case study that quantified not just a single study but an entire adaptive clinical development plan of multiple trials for dual approvals. The work was done in only a few months, demonstrating improved patient safety and increased population benefit inducing further support for adaptive pathways policies.”

Mark Trusheim, NEWDIGS Strategic Director, MIT Center for Biomedical Innovation, USA

“The feasibility study simulating patient level data to inform clinical trial design and outcome based on Real World, trial and literature data was successful. The Kerus platform simulated complex data under a variety of scenarios including time varying component, confirming clinical trial assumptions in the process.”

Director, Real World Evidence and Epidemiology, GSK

“With Exploristics, we are cultivating an important partnership that grows as we develop our RSV programme across multiple studies. They offer highly skilled people who are a pleasure to work with. They are very responsive and are able to quickly react to ad hoc requests facilitated by a nimble contracting process. The KerusCloud platform has proved to be a core part of our decision-making as it allows us to prospectively tailor study design as new information becomes available.”

Chief Medical Officer, Pulmocide, UK

“The early R&D for KerusCloud was specifically directed towards enabling precision medicine strategies within clinical development programmes. This study demonstrated the power of simulation in complex study designs and the results were used as a proof of concept. This supported the continued development of the software platform with ultimately became KerusCloud.”

CEO, Exploristics

“On behalf of the team, I would like to thank the team at Exploristics for your hard work on this project. The quality of the work has been fantastic, the support for the team equally so. The willingness to go into detailed discussion with the team, to take into account our KOL’s builds, and reworking the simulations to take everything into consideration, all is very much appreciated. We are very pleased with the work, and it presents a considerable and key contribution to the clinical strategy development.”

Medical Innovation and Claims Lead, Consumer Goods Company, UK

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