Exploristics launches its KerusCloud Spring 2023 Release

Exploristics launches its KerusCloud Spring 2023 Release

Exploristics launches its KerusCloud Spring 2023 Release 260 200 Exploristics

Exploristics launches its KerusCloud Spring 2023 Release

Exploristics is delighted to launch the Spring 2023 release of its transformative clinical trial simulation software KerusCloud. This innovative platform is revolutionising how clinical trials are being designed and brings state-of-the-art simulation-guided study design to biomedical organisations of any size. With KerusCloud, clinical research teams can now tackle the complex challenges involved in designing effective clinical trials to make the best study design decisions for their healthcare asset.

KerusCloud ensures that clinical trials are designed effectively to collect the right data, in the right patients, in the right way. Its use delivers quantitative insights that support evidence-based design decisions to de-risk studies upfront. This powerful prospective de-risking approach has already been shown to increase study success three-fold, while reducing patient burden, development costs and timelines.

For Spring 2023, KerusCloud has built on its extensive capabilities to include three design features that continue to ensure truly exceptional data-driven design. These include the ability to:

  • Explore Bayesian posterior probabilities, creating a more flexible and realistic decision framework for early-stage studies.
  • Assess repeated measures across multiple time points, so successful studies can be designed and implemented with fewer patients.
  • Evaluate estimand strategies to ensure the proper handling of intercurrent events, for more successful regulatory interactions.

Exploristics CEO, Aiden Flynn said “The latest release of KerusCloud is another significant milestone for the product and for Exploristics. The new features were made possible through the unique way that KerusCloud enables simulation. The generation of realistic, subject-level, synthetic datasets as the starting point to simulation gives KerusCloud unrivalled flexibility in terms of the designs and analysis strategies that can be evaluated during the design process. In particular, the addition of repeated measures and the explicit implementation of the estimands framework have created a truly differentiated package. As a result, KerusCloud can be applied to the broadest set of clinical trial design problems and is a must-have addition to the design toolkit”.

To find out more about the KerusCloud Spring 2023 release and how simulation-guided design is shaking up clinical trial planning, please visit https://exploristics.com/keruscloud-2023-launch/.

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