Study Design & Protocol Development

Smarter studies, reducing uncertainty for robust clinical evidence
Exploristics offer a uniquely targeted approach to clinical study design and protocol development supported by our unique flagship software KerusCloud. Our study start-up consultancy can deliver sample size calculations but also so much more.
Early Stage Statistical Input
We deliver smarter studies with key statistical input at the earliest stages of protocol development

We assist protocol development by ensuring that the design, sample size, methodology, statistical considerations and organisation of your study are fully optimised from the outset to achieve its objectives.

By quantifying and controlling for sources of uncertainty, we ensure studies will generate robust clinical evidence.

Early Stage Smarter Studies
We design smarter studies faster with our in-house software, KerusCloud

This unique software simulates thousands of highly realistic clinical studies at a time, allowing every variable aspect of a study design to be evaluated in silico before embarking on real studies.

This fast and cost-effective approach ensures that only the best study design is chosen going forward.

Study Design & Protocol Development
We ensure a smarter overall study planning process

By integrating statistical input into the foundation of your development programme, we transform your success rates, accelerating the delivery of new clinical interventions to individuals with unmet medical need.

Our early statistical input will set you on the right development track from the start, powering your programme for success.