Webinar June 2022: Introducing KerusCloud 2022

Webinar June 2022: Introducing KerusCloud 2022

Webinar June 2022: Introducing KerusCloud 2022 1280 720 Exploristics

Designing smarter trials using study simulation

Most clinical trials fail (90%), but many trial failures could be avoided by earlier engagement with statisticians during the study design process to help de-risk studies upfront. The increasing complexity of modern clinical trials and diversity of data types now collected means that the traditional study design process is unable to account for the many sources of uncertainty that most trials now involve. This webinar will discuss why it’s time to revolutionise how trials are routinely designed and how in silico studies are key to delivering more successful clinical trials.


A little about the Host, Company and Speakers

Webinar host Aiden Flynn is the founder and CEO of Exploristics and has 25 years’ experience as a statistician in drug discovery and clinical development. He has created an innovative and profitable company and overseen its ongoing growth and transition from a specialist statistics consultancy to a provider of innovative specialist software with wrap-around biostatistics support. As such, Exploristics caters to a wide range of global healthcare developers from the world’s top pharmaceutical companies to biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic start-ups.

Webinar speakers Kim Hacquoil (Exploristics CDSO) and Sam Miller (Exploristics Head of Strategic Consulting) both have extensive experience working as senior statisticians within the pharmaceutical industry. Find out more about the team here.

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