KerusCloud2 platform launches 29/04/2020

KerusCloud2 platform launches 29/04/2020

KerusCloud2 platform launches 29/04/2020 260 200 Exploristics

For over ten years now, Exploristics has been providing a uniquely targeted statistical approach to fast track clinical development, increasing study success while reducing risks and costs. Given the impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials worldwide, salvaging disrupted trials and accelerating the development of treatments for unmet clinical need has never seemed more urgent.

Many of our clinical programme support solutions are built around the transformative KerusCloud study simulation platform; the only statistical software able to assess multiple aspects of clinical study design and analysis in parallel so studies can achieve statistically and clinically meaningful outcomes.

Following the platform’s success, we are pleased to announce the global launch of the next generation of this ground-breaking software, KerusCloud2 on Wednesday 29th April.






Uniquely optimising clinical studies for success, the powerful new KerusCloud2 offers:

1. Enriched functionality for defining sub-populations with different data characteristics
2. Increased processing power with up to 96 parallel cores for a single simulation
3. A new ability to share projects across organizations
4. An enhanced user experience with simpler flows and an intuitive modern interface
5. Improved interactive graphics facilitating extensive exploration of results and data features
6. Best in class cloud security with multi-factor authentication

To mark the launch, I will be hosting with the Exploristics Software Development Team a series of webinars and workshops discussing the unique benefits offered by KerusCloud2, both in planning new trials and in making the most of available data from disrupted ones. More details to follow about these late May webinars and workshops.

Best wishes,
Aiden Flynn, PhD
CEO, Exploristics